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Our company provides services, programs and products designed to help you fulfill your Soul’s destiny.  Yes, it’s true, everyone has a unique destiny and Robin is blessed with gifts to help you define your Soul’s destiny and the professional skills to help you achieve it. The services and products of Robin Clare will assist you at all stages of your spiritual development. Click on the links above to learn more about the following sections:

About Robin Clare:  Robin is a spirit messenger and a seasoned corporate MBA. She is  a creative and inspiring speaker. Robin is the author of Messiah Within and her upcoming book, Walking the Walk with Spirit. She loves to create interesting Blog posts to share with you how she is walking the walk of her spiritual journey.

Clare-ity ConsultingAs a spiritual messenger and business intuitive, Robin is delighted to mentor you to your desired success through her Clare-ity Share Program, Evolve! , Planning for Success and other programs.

Events and Workshops:  Robin travels to spiritual centers to share Clare-ity Sessions for a diverse audience of spiritual seekers.  She teaches on a variety of topics in her weekly Wisdom Hour online talks.  Robin is the co-host of Being Real, a monthly broadcasting event with Colleen Morgan.

Sacred Travel:  Robin organizes travel experiences that combine deep learning opportunities on sacred destinations across the globe.  Included in each trip is a workshop experience presented by Robin or one of her respected colleagues.

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Overview of Robin’s Next Book – Walking the Walk with Spirit

What would you do if Yeshua (Jesus) came to you in a dream after you published a channeled book by Him that outlined a 12 step process to becoming your Messiah Within and He told you that you were not living the steps?  First, after an initial reaction of disappointment and anger, Robin Clare decided to go on a two year personal journey to find out why and how she was not living the teachings she had received from one of the most prolific and honored Spiritual Masters of all time.  This personal journey orchestrated by her spiritual support team provided her with deep insights into her life – both present and past lifetimes.  She discovered that in order to stand in the power of Yeshua’s teachings, she needed to unlock 18 Keys to living a Divinely Guided Life. By unlocking the 18 Keys, she was able to clear the pathway whereon she is now Walking the Walk with Spirit.

Every evening for a year, Robin stood out on her deck asking, “How can I be of greater service to mankind?”  Standing beside on the deck, twelve years ago, was the beloved Spiritual Master Yeshua ben Yosef or Jesus, as he is more commonly known.  From that moment on, Robin surrendered her life to be of divine service.  She spent the next ten years being guided by Yeshua and the other members of her spiritual support team (spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones and earthly teachers) to look at all of her past and present traumatic experiences and to learn the teaching of the Messiah Consciousness.

Robin’s first book, Messiah Within, was the result of doing all the extraordinary healing work required and accepting all opportunities for spiritual growth.  Even with the coaching support of New York Times Best Selling Author, James Twyman, Robin could not move beyond an understanding of the spiritual concepts given her, to living them in her day to day life. She needed to stand in the power of these extraordinary teachings from Yeshua and she could not.  At the core of Robin’s conflict was that she was a Jewish woman, married to a rabbi, living in a very Jewish community and, of all things, channeling Jesus!