A Note from Robin Clare


Welcome Friends!

Our work passion is to connect individuals to their divine guidance – quite possibly, the most abundant information resource available to mankind. By connecting to your soul’s unlimited support team, you can make decisions for your personal and business life that brings you the greatest success.

Experience this life-changing connection two ways:

1. Our Clare-ity Personal Services will enable you to enhance your own connection to your spiritual support team.

2. Our Clare-ity Professional Services will help you find that sweet spot where success comes from the perfect alignment of your spiritual and business life.

Our founder, Robin Clare has been privileged to connect to client’s spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones as well as the blessed Archangels and Ascended Masters. With her loving experience as a wife, mom, daughter and friend combined with her extensive experience as a corporate MBA and spiritual entrepreneur, your time with Robin will be very interesting and productive indeed.

Please click on the links above to learn more about all of the Clare-ity offerings.  Our office is located in West Hartford, CT.  Sessions are equally powerful on the phone or Skype.  All phone and Skype sessions can are recorded at your request.

If you would like to have a conversation with Robin, please call 860-232-3331 or email us at  info@clare-ity.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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18 Keys to a Divinely Guided Life to become a book!

Each person on the planet has a personal mission. The best way to describe what is a personal mission is to say that prior to incarnating into our physical vessel, we agreed on the soul level to come to this planet to accomplish “something”.  It can be an extraordinary accomplishment that will have a global impact or it can be as equally important as healing one past life relationship with another.

When we become aware of our personal mission, we can see how it is impacting our personal, professional and community lives.  My personal mission is to usher in an era of Oneness on the planet.  When I learned this I was very excited because I realized that everything that I love to learn about has a theme of Oneness and I try my best to accept others without judgment. My entire business centers around the theme of Oneness. I create events for our spiritual community to come together in Oneness. And last but not least, I am a vessel for Yeshua’s teaching of Oneness. I will share much more about Oneness as the book unfolds.

It becomes much easier to fulfill your Soul’s destiny when you learn to talk to your Soul and the spiritual support team on hand to ensure that you reach your destiny. By teaching you how to become a divinely guided person, I am fulfilling one of the steps on my own personal mission.  Becoming divinely guided is most definitely a step towards knowing Oneness with the Divine.


Clare-ity Professional Services

Do you have a vision for your work that involves being of service, perhaps teaching others to grow in their personal development or working with businesses to be more socially responsible? Are you excited about integrating  the spiritual concepts that have defined you into your work message?  If so, then you are part of a growing business category called Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Congratulations!

As Spiritual Entrepreneurs, we can easily envision the infinite possibilities for our business.  Visually, on the right side of the infinite symbol, we have the spiritual attributes that we want to infuse into our products and services.  On the left side, we have the critical business attributes that must be part of every successful business.   In the center of the infinity symbol, where the two sides cross, is your business’s sweet spot – the momentum that makes you a successful Spiritual Entrepreneur.  This level of success occurs when you are paying attention to and taking responsibility for both the spiritual and the business aspects of your work.  READ MORE


Bring Robin to Your Organization!

Robin is an engaging speaker and teacher. She is also highly regarded for her private sessions as an energy healer and spiritual channel.  Robin is available to enlighten your audience for a few hours or a few days – whatever works best for your organization.  Call our offices at  860-232-3331 to discuss.


Got Questions? Your Soul Has Answers!

Would you like to ask your soul’s perspective on what is going on in your life?  We can’t think of a better place to receive  guidance than from your own soul and the beings of light assigned to support you.  Robin is delighted to offer a 30 minute – “Meet and Greet” your Spirit Support Team. In any given session, we could potentially hear from an Ascended Master, a spirit guide, an angelic being, or a a deceased loved one.  READ MORE